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Interview von Mag. Dr. Matthew Peter Shorrock

F: Welche KlientInnen sind bei Ihnen in der Psychotherapie besonders gut aufgehoben?

Depression and feeling down, anxiety and generalised anxiety, addiction (including internet addiction), relationship difficulties, identity issues, sexual problems (gay and kink friendly) , career counselling, psychological disorders, phobias, trauma, compulsions, obsessions, paranoia.

F: Was hat Sie bewogen, gerade Ihren Beruf zu ergreifen?

I was inspired to become a psychotherapist, psychologist and coach, after working in the funeral sector, education, social work & social service management. For over twenty years I have been enabling the growth of individuals and organisations, including fifteen years experience of personal development in groups and training throughout Europe and Asia. My areas of expertise include group psycho-dynamics, change management within organisations, expatriate integration, and 'internet addiction' treatment.

F: Welche besonderen Fähigkeiten sind Ihrer Meinung nach in Ihrem Beruf gefordert?

Over the past two decades working as a therapist I have developed a number of broad and in-depth skill sets. My greatest skill (and quality) is my versatility.

I am both a psychotherapist and chartered psychologist, registered within Austria and the UK. I'm also a qualified supervisor, accredited coach and organisational consultant. Over the years, as a researcher and writer, I have published extensively and lectured internationally, and sit on the Editorial Board of the Transactional Analysis Journal (TAJ). I have taken in-depth trainings in person-centred counselling, acceptance commitment therapy (ACT / CBT) and am a Certified Transactional Analyst.

F: Was erachten Sie als Ihren bisher größten beruflichen Erfolg?

Co-founder and Clinical Director of The Mind Institute -

Our multidisciplinary teams are led by a board of highly qualified and extensively experienced medical doctors, psychotherapists, and psychologists. We offer English-speaking services to expatriates (international specialists and executives) and their families. Our services are culturally sensitive, and account the special challenges faced by the international community.

Our services also include psycho-educational training, supervision, research and development, psychological assessment, and Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs). We also offer affordable interventions such the Low Cost Clinic, in partnership with Webster University. Our counselling services are available in native-English, Polish, Greek and French.

Highly specialised divisions include the International Centre for Internet Addiction, providing much needed support to people struggling with internet addictions (including pornography and gaming addictions). It is led by Dr Matthew Shorrock, a leading researcher, writer and clinician who has spent the past decade developing and implementing treatment programmes across Europe in this rapidly growing field.

We adopt an 'integrative' approach, which is underpinned by the highest standards in ethical and research-informed practice, allowing clients to achieve their greatest potential using an approach customised to meet individual or organisational needs. We believe every client is different, and has the capacity to fully realise their unique qualities and strengths, anywhere in the world.

F: Was ist Ihr Lebensmotto?

Grow beyond your education!

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